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Dialedin to Elevate Xchange™ x Robin Austin; Excellence in the Art of Technology

by Robin Austin - Posted 9 months ago

As a long-time Trusted Advisor, having received that title through achievements and responsibilities by creating a team of due diligence experts, the Elevate Xchange™ community was formed by C’s for C’s to fill the gaps typically not addressed. One among the many gaps is senior level career development. My C-Suite peers and I constantly discuss hiring challenges and continue to look for ways to be more efficient. Amazingly though, “the only time we think about our own career is when we are fired, laid-off or acquired.”   Prior to the “COVID-19 stay-at-home” order and through a partnership with Casey Yarbrough at ElevateIT™, the Elevate Xchange™ community was launched on January 16, 2020 with a full room of C-Suite Executives all excited to “get started”. 
The Elevate Xchange™ community’s members are Technology decision makers who at least meet responsibilities filling Director position roles within Start-Ups, Mid-tier and larger Enterprises alike. Gathering top C-Suite Executives in a world-class and inclusively collaborative atmosphere for critical thinking strategies, peer-to-peer mentorship will shape not only seasoned Leaders but the NexGen leadership transformation and NexGen Governance decisions.

“Shout out” to my Partner Vendors

The second lesson learned and again part of the “Together is Better” or, “Together Everyone Achieves More” (TEAM) mottos is partnering with the right vendors who care as much about your success as they do their own; those partners who have stepped-up in this crisis to work with you to pivot efficiently, inexpensively and as quickly as possible. I respect partners who are resilient and help me be resilient; partners who in a crisis work the same long hours with impeccable customer service; partners who work side-by-side with me. I found that among the top vendor providers, Lastline, Merlin, Unitrends and CatchCloud not only have game-changing strategies and technology but also keep an eye on your budget, culture, and resource utilization. Investment protection and tool consolidation fulfill two of my basic criteria when purchasing technology. CatchCloud, Lastline, Merlin and Unitrends continue to evolve and transform their solution-set therefore, increasing efficiency. All this makes sense since CatchCloud, Lastline and Unitrends were all early adopting supporters of Elevate Xchange™ and all were present at the Elevate Xchange™ Happy Hour Launch on January 16, 2020.

Although I could go directly to a cloud provider, I have found it much more cost effective to work with Kyle Burt at CatchCloud due to his wealth of cloud and telecom knowledge. Like me, he is a Trusted Advisor in the cloud, video and telecom spaces and as a Cloud ecosystem supplier, he performs the same role as a vendor manager and in many ways saves me resource time and money. Laughingly, he is just as direct and truthful as me and “watches my back.”  He has a “win, win, win” ideology exactly like mine; is fair and thorough.

Lastline is a security solution I adopted back in 2010 when it first was released. The Network Defender Response Platform surpasses any other that I have seen and has continued to evolve now combining four complementary AI-powered technologies Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), Intrusion Protection and Prevention (IDSP), File Analysis and real time Global Threat Intelligence. I have tested how well they capture and classify detected anomalies and eliminate false positives. By incorporating both Supervised AI and Unsupervised AI, real-time threat detection and classification is clearer and more concise while catching a high percentage of what other technologies have missed. Frankly, due to its superb technology and user-friendly dashboard it is what I classify as an “immediate evaluation” to add as a layer of protection or to eliminate redundant functionality. It continues to be a disruptive evolving technology

Unitrends’ new Helix Platform eliminates menial tasks for admins while transparently solving the most common backup difficulties. Helix is a smart Software as a Service (Saas) remediation solution designed to “fix things” like disk space issues, network connectivity problems and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) issues. All are critical for data protection, mitigate backup and recovery failures and eliminate tedious log analysis. The Unitrends culture is to listen to its customers to internally design a roadmap that continues to enhance these smart capabilities. Eliminating tedious menial tasks through automation is key to me utilizing my resources more affectively and reduces my overall cost.  “I like that.”

Merlin has now arrived as a supporter of Elevate Xchange™ and will be featured along with James Carpenter, CISO for Texas Scottish Rite Children’s’ Hospital on May 7, 2020 Elevate Xchange Happy Hour from 5 – 6:30 p.m. Title: The Character of Our Unseen Digital First Responders Making Our Lives Better ( To qualify and become a member of the Elevate Xchange™ community go to

As a THINK-TANK, the Elevate Xchange™ community offers critical thinking collaboration among our C-Suite peers and disruptive solution options for today's C-Suite Executives. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) and through collaboration we all know that together within the village we are definitely better …more resilient…therefore keeping relevant.

© Robin Austin April 26, 2020