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Launched in January…Your Premier C-Suite Collaborative Community

by - Posted 1 year ago

Welcome to Elevate Xchange, the Premier C-Suite Collaborative Community both face-to-face and online.  Elevate Xchange is a community who is “created by C’s organized by C’s and operated by C’s to address as many of the Risk, Career and Operational gaps as a C-Suite Collaborative Community as possible.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”  -- Bene Brown

…and that is exactly what the Dallas Technology C-Suite Leadership did; they showed up.

What a great night; a full room…surrounded by colleagues from all industries at the January 16, 2020 Elevate Xchange Happy Hour Launch.  Executive Leadership from near and far and from uphill and down “showed up.” All were excited to be networking together in anticipation of a night of learning, teaching and sharing.  Over one hundred ElevateIT Dallas Technology Advisors and Elevate Xchange members have come together knowing that without a doubt…

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ? Helen Keller

Elevate your Xchange with Tangible Results

Extraordinary C-Suite Performers are in constant demand and are first to drive evolutionary change. As a C-Suite member of the Elevate Xchange Community you will explore and experience the latest disruptive technology that is shaping how companies renovate and modernize. Prominent C-Suite Executives will discover, create and experience a new disruptive exchange and collaboration.

Why join Elevate Xchange?

Exploring topics, techniques and trends for resilience and relevance will be at the heart of the Elevate Xchange Community along with a personal connection, career development and career promotion. Concepts, aptitudes and expertise that drive real business results and support the innovative process will be discussed.

Year after year, C-Suite Executives from companies experiencing the most growth are those with highly effective communication skills and disruptive ideas along with solid consistent answers that enrich and elevate problem solving capabilities. “Top of C-Suite Mind” is determining Risk and following through with real executable Governance strategy and solutions. Elevate Xchange is the Transformational Disruptive Forum for the C-Suite designed to fill career, operational and governance gaps in a collaborative community both online and in-person.  Join the Elevate Xchange community with your peers and make it your own.

Join your peers at Elevate Xchange:

“Together we can accomplish much! By leveraging the many minds from the shared collective of the community, Elevation for each as well as for all is gained.”

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